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indie_v in fattiefattie2x4


Hello everyone.
I'm not sure if this community is still active and accepting new members, but I noticed there's a new moderator so I figured I'd just post and see what happens :)

Name (first and LJ): Vera / indie-v
Age: 27
Place: Birmingham, UK
Height: 1,68 cm / 5ft 6
Starting Out Weight: 170 lb
Short Term Goal Weight: 154lb
-By (date): 12th February
Long Term Goal Weight: 137 lb
-By (date): this summer
Foods You Crave: cheese, junk food (chips mostly), chocolate (some times) - mostly savoury snacks
Favortie Healthy Foods: cauliflower, cereal, yogurt
Are you on a Diet? if so, what kind?: I'm following a Mediterranean-style food plan that my doctor gave me a few years ago in one of my attempts to lose weight.
Favorite Exercises: swimming
Best Motivation: being able to fit in my old pair of jeans.

How do you feel about yourself right NOW?: not very well to be honest. I don't like what I see and that heavily affects my mood and my confidence.
How WOULD you like to feel about yourself?: I've lost weight before and it made me feel very nice and confident. It wasn't just about looking good but also feeling more energetic, like I could do anything I set my mind into.
What steps are you taking to improve your health? I just started my diet again and planning on going back to the gym tomorrow.

Feel free to post a "Before" picture!


weight loss

October 2009

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